Writing Rut

The thing about writing for a living is that you tend to lose the passion to write for free on your own personal blog. Or is that just me?



  1. Hi Jam!

    In my case, it’s not so much “losing the passion” as in the more pragmatic “losing the free time, and the energy”. My last blog update was in December last year, and it’s now March. grrr! But yes, there seems to be a connection, in the sense that when your work-related writing requires some rigorous fact-checking and ruthless editing, you tend to remain in that mode even when you have time to sit down to write a blog piece, which is supposed to be more free-wheeling. I often fall into the same rut…

    PS. Ngayon ko lang natisod itong blog mo.


    1. I feel the exact same way Sir Jun. I feel like even my blog posts should be well-researched, so I tend to stick to light topics and general statements to ease the burden haha.

      Thank you for commenting! 🙂


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